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Welcome to the Skye High Fold of Highland Cattle     

Update: Sale offering Skye High EZ Lily Belle achieves top selling female at the 2017 national sale!

Congratulations to Chet and Marjie Hart of Hershey PA!

Additional photos and info on the Skye High story of Denver 2017 available at the Skye High Farms Facebook page

2017 AHCA National Sale Entry; Skye High EZ Lily Belle

(pictured below)

Check out our photo gallery for more photos and information on this outstanding heifer!

 About Us

At Skye High Farms we are deeply dedicated to breeding sound, functional, and above all practical highland cattle that suit not only the needs of the modest family farm, but also for the needs of the commercial beef and seed stock producer alike. Our intensive breeding program utilizes what we consider to be some of the very best Highland genetics from around the world and includes both artificial insemination (A.I.), and embryo transfer (E.T.) techniques as well as traditional live cover breeding. Highland cattle from Skye High Farms have won multiple top honors at shows and exhibitions across the U.S. and Canada and continue to be very well received by purebred and commercial cattleman. Passionate about the breed pretty well sums us up; striving to produce animals that will work and preform beyond expectations on both our farm and yours.

Our Start

Skye High farms, established in 1999, started out as many Highland folks do; with little to nil previous experience with cattle and farming. Since then our knowledge and experience (much of it learned the hard way) has far surpassed our wildest dreams. Skyler was first introduced to Highland cattle at a petting zoo (of all places!..) at our local county fair . Immediately intrigued by these majestic, wild looking beasts we began our research stopping to gawk and ask questions when lucky enough to spot the rare roadside herd, spot a Highland classified add in the newspaper, or meet someone who knew anything about these unique animals.

Now on the verge of our twentieth year with the cattle we continue to be amazed at how far we have come, the many people we've met and befriended, and the places and cattle near and far we have had the pleasure of visiting. I don't think any of us could had guessed where we'd be now back then! Though there are some hard days here on the farm, the apprehension and excitement of the birth of our next long awaited calf always manages to keep us moving forward.

2016 Highland Showcase Sale Lot# 28:

Philip of Strathallan X Skye High Vermillion embryos


Congratulations to Cobblestone Farms on your purchase of these incredibly exiting and one of a kind genetics!

Skye High Farms is also pleased to announce we are expecting the first of these calves to arrive this spring of 2017 and look forward to implanting a few of the remaining embryos of this dreamy cross this summer. And we cant wait!!

Philip of Stathallan

 A Highland breeders dream

Offering two, grade one embryos by Philip of Strathallan (SC6983) X Skye High Vermillion (46978) . These are the first, and quite possibly the only, offering of direct Phillip of Strathallan genetics in the US.

Born in 1980 Perthshire Scotland to the famed Strathallan Fold. Philip was five times Male Champion at the prestigious English Royal. Going on to become be of the most successful breeding bulls of his time Philip was collected in 1987. In 1994 a small approximately 40-50 units were shipped to Canada's Hi- Arrow fold which shortly there after dispersed with only a small handful of Philip calves ever hitting the ground. Today a mere 20 units of Philip semen remain in all of North America and is legally confined to Canada and ineligible for importation all this making these embryos among the absolute rarest and most exciting Highland genetics to have been seen here in the states on very possibly the last 20-30 years. We are proud and excited to have been able to consign these genetics to the public in this years Showcase Sale.

If you've never utilized embryo transfer before please feel free to contact us about any and all questions you may have about the relatively very simple process of embryo implantation. You can do it and we are happy to help!

For more information on the sale or to view the digital catalog for the showcase sale visit

2013 NWSS National Grand Champion Bull & Res. Nat'l Grand Champion Female amongst other big wins this year!

Thanks for stopping in!

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