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The Howard family of Howard's Highlands

Customer feedback

 Dale and Carol Hathaway, Spring Creek Highland, Bellingham,WA. Thank you for your confidence in our breeding program!

"We’ve been breeding Highland cattle here at Spring Creek Highlands in NW Washington since 2007 where we currently have 20 head and are expecting 11 new calves this spring. We were in need of a bull and always like to bring genetics from across the country to the NW. I'd seen a bull named LEA Haaken, owned by Pat White. I fell in love with this bull. I knew Skyler had used Haaken exclusively as his herd sire the year prior so I contacted him directly in mid-2014 expressing my interest and picking his brain about Haaken. Fortunately for me one of the Skye High bull calves born that year, a dun, was a bull that reminded me especially of Haaken or, possibly better I thought! Skyler and I talked for a few months and we monitored the bull's progress and, sending me pictures of him as he grew. He new what I was looking for in a bull and recommended this new bull calf. With me living in Washington and Skyler in Michigan, I couldn't just take a leisurely drive to take a look at him for myself. So I had to make a decision based on trust and photos alone to purchase this bull sight unseen. I'd seen Skyler at the NWSS for a couple of years and knew him as always being involved with quality Highlands. This fortified my confidence.

The arrangement that we agreed upon was for him to bring this bull calf, we had named Skye High Capone, to Denver and we would pick him up there. Needless to say when I first set eyes on Capone my trust in Skyler had paid off. Capone was everything Skyler had said he was and everything I was looking for in a new herd sire. Capone then went on to win Reserve Champion Jr. Bull Calf at the Denver NWSS later that week, placing just under the other Skye High bull Skyler had recommended!

I would recommend for anyone looking for quality Highlands to start or, add to your herd, to take a close look at Skye High Farm's stock. We're overly excited for the calves expected from Capone in 2016.


Dale and Carol Hathaway"

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