Skye High Farms

Registered Highland Cattle Coldwater, Michigan

Dams of Skye High Farms  

 Below is a sampling of some of the fine female lines present at the core of our herd.


 GOF Claudette

 GOF Claudette,  dam of the Skye High Wayward Son (2011 Nat'l Grand Champion Bull) and several other fine offspring as one of our top donor cows, Claudette, now deceased was a great source of inspiration and a constant model of "perfection" in the field.  Truly a piece of Highland history, Claudette was believed to be the last living animal in the U.S. to directly originate from the famous Glen Osprey Farms (GOF) of Quebec Canada.  

GOF Claudette 9C

-7598- (D)

Reg. # 29233

D.O.B.  05/05/93

 GOF Yogi Bear 10 Y

 Covenant Ulysses 62U

 GOF Tara 5T

 GOF Ultra 19U

 GOF Ralph 21U

 Janice of Norgrove


Gilchrist's Angela

As deep, wide and thick set as they make 'em.  Here's one for the real cowman.

Gilchrist's Angela


D.O.B. 04/04/95


Jock of Glengorm

Jock of Benmore

Bheadareachd 2nd of Glengorm

Gilchrist's Andrea II

Jock 24th of Leys

Lady Andrea 2nd de Padilla


West Winds Gwendolyn


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Another one of our top donor females, 2005 Nat'l Champion Poduce of Dam, Gwendolyn has produced  perhaps more champions to date than any other highland female including a Nat'l Grand champion female, and Nat'l Reserve Grand Champion Bull, as well as at least four other Denver division champs or regional champions.  Made extra sound, soggy and classic Highland; Gwendolyn spells Production with a capital P.

West Winds Gwendolyn*

Reg.# 30475

D.O.B.  03/14/97

Basswood Of Swains

Gille Buidhe of Bennmore

GOF Nasturtium

West Winds Ginger Girl

Wee Ralph of Tulach Ard

Weatherhill's Wee Dram



 Lillian of Five Star Farm

Lillian of Five Star farm (AI)

Reg. # 35828

D.O.B.  04/13/2001

Jock of Mapleview (AI)

Scott of Craycombe

Lady Luck 59 (38539)

Dixie Belle of Kindwood-8690-

Bokai Yogi Riabhach

Trossach Rosemarie

Skye High Verona   



Reserve Champion Female Kalamazoo Scottish Festival - 2009

Grand Champion Female Midwest International Show - 2009

Champion Pair of Heifers  N.W.S.S. Denver C.O. - 2010

Skye High  Verona (ET)

Reg. # 47010

D.O.B.  03/10/2008

Scott of Craycombe

Phillip 1st of Craycombe

Jehudith 1st of Craycombe

HI Benedict Maddy (ET)

Trafalgar Benedict

Lorien's McErrol



Yarnelle Farms Miss Heather



Dont over look this awesome Skye High donor! Heather posses a  true out-cross pedigree coupled with an ultra sound and feminine phenotype.  She continues to amaze us with her ability to consistently out produce herself with every calf. 

Yarnelle Farms Miss Heather

Reg. #33320

D.O.B.  04/02/1999

 HI Depot Oscar 92


Depot Farms Jamaica

JJ Miss Heather

GA Johnny Walker Red

EZ Acres Buttercup



 SPH Sassy 

SPH Sassy

Reg # 42763




SPH Lucas

Pimusie Excaliber

TCL Big Sky Sun Catcher

JAC Grizzly Creek Morag

Thistledown's Creag Dubh

Sweetwater Sarah


 Ullah of Balmule 



Grand Champion Female, Midwest International Show - 2008

Ullah of Balmule

Reg. #45311

D.O.B.  06/20/2007

EZ Acres Kyle

Alasdair Og 2nd of Dirtane

WN Victoria McClelland III

West Winds Gwendolyn*

Basswood of Swains

West Wind's Ginger Girl



 Skye High Vermillion 



Champion Pair of Heifers N.W.S.S. Denver C.O. -  2010

Reserve Division Champion N.W.S.S. Denver C.O.  - 2010

Skye High Vermillion






CH Aloysius

DH Chuchill (AI)

Klair of Five Star farm

Gilchrist's Angela

Jock of Glengorm

Gilchrist's Andrea II



 Trafalgar May 



Trafalgar May*

Reg.# 38268

D.O.B. 05/03/2002

EZ Acres Gifford

GOF Broadstone 13B

EZ Acres Kristen

Trafalgar Beatrice

GOF Xerxes 2X

Trafalgar Venus

                               Osceola Mekataten

              Skye High Yosemite May


Skye High Yosemite May 


D.O.B. 04/10/2011

Skye High Wayward Son

Ben Eniglair of Scone Palace

GOF Claudette

 Trafalgar May*

EZ Acres Gifford

Trafalgar Beatrice

Skye High Xylene 

SPH Uberdude X Lillian of Five Star Farm

Skye High Very Abundant
CH Aloysius X GOF Claudette

 Skye High Yellow Bird

Skye High Yellow Bird






Skye High Wayward Son

Ben Eniglair of Scone Palace

GOF Claudette

SPH Sassy

SPH Lucas

JAC Grizzley Creek Morag

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